Strategic Investigation Comprehensive Cancer Network



Surviving Cancer in Asia 2018-2019

Information, Technology, and Society in Asia — ITASIA 128
Network for Education and Research on Asia — ASNET 4971280

Course Detail

  • Seminar Room 1, — Faculty of Medicine Experimental Research Building, Hongo Campus
  • A semester , Friday — 14:55-16:40
  • Course ID Number : ASNET 4971280

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Assessing the future impact of cancer on people and society

What are the needs for Universal Health Coverage for cancer in Asia and how should it be provided?

If you or a person close to you were to receive a cancer diagnosis, what social systems and mechanisms do you think are necessary to support and complement cancer treatment?

Universal Health Coverage is a concept that aims to ensure that all people obtain the health services they need without suffering financial hardship.

The future of Asia is your future. Why not bring your own knowledge and ideas to a course that enables people from all disciplines to come together and share views on surviving cancer in Asia?

Hideyuki Akaza Professor, The University of Tokyo

Course Schedule 2018-2019

  • 10/5    How should AI,IT and Platform data assess the future innovation of cancer on people and society?
  • 10/12    Where is the road to realization of UHC leading for cancer in Asia?
  • 10/26    Implications for the future data science landscape
  • 11/9    How to capture the data in Asian cancer from the view of the real world data?
  • 11/16    The role of public-private partnership
  • 11/30    Perspectives of Universal Health Coverage in cancer in the Emerging Context of Global Health
  • 12/14    Current state of industry-academia collaboration
  • 12/21    Elucidating the outlook for UHC of Cancer from Cross Boundary Cancer Studies.
  • 1/11    Unsustainable cancer costs are a driving force for new era.
  • 1/18    Genetic Solidarity and Altruism
  • 1/25    Student presentation